Bioware Cosplay At Dragon Con 2014

It’s no secret that Bioware has its fans all over the world. Just mention Mass Effect or Dragon Age in a crowd and I’m sure that you’ll get a response from one or a few who’ve played them and are excited to talk about one, the other, or both. Well, this is amplified a hundred times over at most conventions. Video game fans are a passionate crowd. Sometimes that passion teeters to the dark side, but for the most part, I like to think most fans are respectful and affectionate towards games and characters they love and spend time with. Bioware’s games tend to leave you feeling a part of their world instead of simply watching another’s world as it plays out. Fans take these feelings to heart when they cosplay as Bioware’s creations at conventions. They spend months upon months perfecting their costumes to make sure even the most minute details are taken care of. While at Dragon Con 2014 in Atlanta, I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting 2 groups of fans who took Cosplay to its top form. Many of them could have walked right onto a movie set and jumped right in, no questions asked. It was very impressive, and actually pretty inspiring. Everyone was so nice and friendly, and it’s given me the bug to want to join them next year, instead of simply watching from the sidelines. 

The first group I encountered was the Dragon Age @ Dragon Con group. Sadly I was unaware they were even there as a group until I stumbled upon their photo shoot in progress. I missed the very beginning full group shots, but as you can see below, I captured many of the smaller group shots, and I’m very happy I did. I had a unique view to enjoy not only watching the photo shoot get organized by the groups moderators, but to watch their leisure time as they intermingled, admiring each other’s cosplay and sometimes meeting face to face for the first time. Not going to lie, it gave me warm fuzzies to spectate all of this.

I was lucky enough to get a few moments with one of the moderators, Brooke Fox, to find out just a little bit more about this group. She gave me some insight about the group, which I was stunned to find out that they have over 240 members in the group page on Facebook. This was the groups 4th year of attending after having originally started up in 2011 from a Dragon Age 2 group on The group is moderated by Brooke Fox, LuckySevens Craftworks and Jenni Harvey. LuckySevens Craftworks announced at the meeting that she will be stepping down as a moderator for the time being to focus on grad school, so by the time this posts, there may be a few new moderators added to the group.

The group appeared to be a very tight-knit, friendly group, who I look forward to seeing at future conventions! Some of the members that made it to Dragon Con 2014 are: Stephi Place, Teddi Schwartze, Tracy Lanes, Karissa Barrows, Josh Phelan, Tori McKenna, Sara Glassman, Chelsea Ray, Heather Stovall, Kevin Bley, Robert Cousland, Douglas Bougard, Brandon Choinski, Sonya Desilets, Kit Blackwood, Nigel O’Rear, Joie Martin, Adi Katkam, Liz Lester, Cheryl Isenberg, Dale Kirner, Tymber Kroon, Jackie Izawa, Nick Kelley, Jordan Rakes, Kirsten Holt, and Danny Hunter. A big thank you to everyone within this group for letting me spectate and share their amazing cosplay with all of you reading.

The second group I had the pleasure of encountering was the N7 Elite group. Sadly I do not have as many members names for this group as I’d hoped for, but it’s understandable that some would prefer to maintain a sense of anonymity to separate their personal lives from their professional lives, and I completely respect that. My pictures aren’t nearly as impressive as Soulfire’s pictures, but please make sure to check her’s out (Here) after checking mine out below, I promise they are worth your time. A big thank you to Mark Meer, the voice of Male Shepard, for taking the time to participate with all the cosplayers for the shoot, as well as thank you to Laura Ducros for moderating and organizing a lot of it. Also appearing in the pictures, along with Mark and Laura, are the Anatomy of Cosplay gals Sam and Mae, Andrew Baxter, Jerry Larussa, D. Hunter Phillips, Gary Crowl Jr., Jennifer Seaber, Makenna Richardson and Evan Richardson. Everyone looked amazing, thank you so much for taking the time to participate and for allowing me to pleasure everyone’s visual orbs with your classy cosplay creations. 

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