Phil Spencer: “Rare is Working on a Uniquely Rare Game”

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, has stated on his Twitter account that Rare, the company behind such games as Killer Instinct and Perfect Dark, is currently working on a title that is “Uniquely Rare.” Anything else about the title is unknown at the moment, but there is talk among the gaming community that the Tweet might have something to do with the recent trademark by Microsoft of the title BattleToads. Rare first developed the Battletoads games way back in the NES era.












Before joining Microsoft early in the last decade, Rare was a part of Nintendo’s cavalcade of second-party developers, having created hit titles for the gaming giant such as Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong Racing, and the much loved Golden Eye 007 FPS. But only time will tell if the studio will ever be able to regain the glorious status it held in the late 90’s.

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