Activision Issues DMCA Claims to Remove Call of Duty Glitch Videos

In an email provided to APGNation by Bro Team Pill, Machinima warned its managed channels that Activision issued DMCA claims on videos displaying Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare glitches. While we don’t have one hundred precent confirmation that this is true, this wouldn’t be the first time Activision has been caught issuing false DMCA take downs against Youtubers who showcase particular aspects of a video game. Activision issuing these claims are opening themselves up to all sorts of legal repercussions, including prejury and monetary claims of lost revenue for the take down of videos. However, it is unlikely that Activision will face penalties for issuing such claims.

Activision issues DMCA

A screen capture of the email

False DMCA claims seems to be used ever more increasingly by game developers as a means to removing content they don’t approve of from Youtube. Prominent YouTube content creators such TotalBiscuit and Jim Sterling have both faced false DMCA take-down requests from game developers in the past. They were eventually able to get those videos reinstated. Accounts that recieve copyright strikes can be closed by Google, thus causing the loss of revenue for the user as well as the loss of a platform to speak about false DMCA claims. Such false take down notices almost always results in a huge amount of negative press for the developer or publisher that issues them. This might just be the work of an overzealous legal department at Activision corporate.

Activision may also be issuing these claims because they want to prevent the spread of knowledge regarding bugs that may particularly impact online play. If that is the case I would suggest Activision use their software department and not their legal department to take care of these glitches.

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