NIS America Confirms: JRPG Developer Not in Financial Danger

In a previous article, APGNation reported on a statement made by NIS (Nippon Ichi Software) President Niikawa Sohei that was translated by a fan at NeoGaf. We reached out to a representative of NIS America for confirmation and were delighted with their response that the post was actually a mistranslation!

Taken from the official response:

As is very typical of him, Mr. Niikawa’s original statements in Japanese were in jest, which unfortunately doesn’t quite come across when taken out of context and in translation.

Mr. Niikawa’s original comment during a live interview with Nico Nico was actually that he might be fired, however, this was somehow turned into the below comment by a Japanese blogger.
We asked Mr. Niikawa to clarify and he said that the correct spirit and translation of the comment is, “If Disgaea 5 does not sell as planned, I, as the producer, might need to leave the Japanese gaming industry. (LOL)”

Mr. Niikawa further adds, “This comment was simply self-deprecating humor and in no way did it mean or imply that Nippon Ichi Software as a company is going bankrupt or is in financial difficulties. I was merely trying to use humor in order to get the point across that we are committed to selling 150,000 copies of Disgaea 5.”

This comes as a relief to NIS fans who have waited patiently for the release of Disgaea 5, the latest installment to the tactical roleplaying game series that has gained a cult following in America. We apologize to readers who were led astray by the news yesterday, and are happy to know that NIS will remain to develop JRPGs for their loyal audience.

NIS America is a subsidiary of NIS that has also gone to publish games of various genres, some that were at times only available in Japan. Recently, NIS America has also branched out to publish titles from other developers such as Atlus, Examu, French Bread, and Compile Heart. NIS America also publishes anime films and series, along with toys and figurines via their company website.

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