Shoot Zombies…And Your Friends In Zombierun

Long past were the days when friends would crowd around a game console or computer to take part in endless hours of fun gameplay and yelling at each other in frustration. Well, those days may be behind us, but that hasn’t stopped the team behind Zombierun from trying to bring back the local multiplayer of yore with their new retro-inspired platform game.

Zombierun begins with your character waking up alone, in a graveyard, surrounded by hordes of the undead who thirst for your blood and hunger for your flesh. What is a person to do? Why grab some weapons, get your butt in gear, and run for your life by yourself or with friends of course!  Up to four players can jog their way to freedom from the brain munching monsters in single player, co-op, split screen and Battle Mode where you can attack your buddies while attempting to survive yourself.

If you want to see a bit more of this zombie blasting fun, look no further than the game’s Steam Greenlight trailer below which showcases Zombierun‘s retro graphics and good old-fashioned multiplayer mayhem.

Neat! If you’re looking for more about Zombierun, go take a look at the game’s Steam page here, and, while you’re at it, make sure to follow us on Twitter (@APGNation) for more gaming news and reviews.

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