New Etrian Mystery Dungeon Trailer Showcases The Runemaster

Etrian Odyssey is known for its punishing difficulty, steep learning curve, and somewhere between all that is a pretty fun RPG series as well. Etrian Mystery Dungeon mixes up things by combining what makes Etrian Odyssey great with the dungeon crawling experience from the Mysterious Dungeon franchise, a series some may recall from its work with other spin-offs such as Pokemon and Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon. Today however, we’ve got a little video to share with you folks of the Runemaster, a powerful elemental spell caster found in the world of Etrian Odyssey, in all of their blazing glory. Hit the video below for a chance to see these powerful mages burn, freeze, and all together decimate their foes with the power of nature itself.

Neat! Powerful magic, and endless dungeons isn’t all that awaits you in the depths of the game, and those who pick up Etrian Mystery Dungeon on launch day will also get a collectable box. The music CD contains first cuts of six of the game’s songs, and a 28 page booklet containing in-game art and tips to help your party of intrepid adventurers survive the long and grueling journey that awaits them in the dungeon’s depths.

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