Life is Strange Episode 2 Leaked

A pirated version of Life is Strange: Episode 2 was allegedly posted on 4chan’s /v/ board last night. The download link posted purports to be an semi-working copy of Episode 2: Out of Time, which is scheduled to be released in March.


Life is Strange is a recently released story-driven adventure game in which the player takes on the role of Max, a senior in high school attempting to navigate the complex relationships that make up high school. Max discovers she has premonitions and must make choices on how or if she is to change the future.

Obviously no the final version

Obviously not the final version




The leak holds some graphical bugs and dialogue errors based on screenshots posted, suggesting this leaked version is not the final release. There are unconfirmed rumors that developers published the leak themselves to drum up attention for the series.


Update: A developer representative is aware of the leak and has posted on the steam discussion forums regarding the issue:

“We’ve seen the leak of later episodes of Life is Strange and it deeply saddens us that something we’ve invested so much time and passion into is available unfinished and not as we intended you to experience it. Please support us by ignoring the temptation to download work in progress code, we promise you there are still plenty of things we’re improving and polishing and episode 2 will be ready for release in mid-march.”

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