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Welcome to our first edition of Gaming on a Budget! In this weekly segment, we will be looking at games on sale that aren’t necessarily well-known but have been tried and tested by us here at APGNation. We will flesh out a bit about the game, giving story and gameplay details, recommending those gems that we ourselves have played and enjoyed. We will be scouring the internet, trying to find the best deals we possibly can, to bring them to you—our readers.

The first offering is one that sadly never received an ending. Despite running into financial troubles, there was one DLC that was released and it is included in this edition of the game. Hard Reset: Extended Edition is a first-person shooter set in your run of the mill dystopian cyberpunk universe. You play as Major Fletcher, a mercenary of a mega-conglomerate called CLN that protects the city of Bezoar against outside attacks from machine warriors in the Barrens—a dry deserted wasteland surrounding the technological marvel that is the last human city in existence. The gameplay is like your typical old-school shooter. It’s fast paced, it’s brutal and you won’t be regenerating your health anytime soon. The weapons have alternate modes, and the joy is in getting to know how they all work. Every weapon is fun and unique in its own right. If you’re a fan of Sci-fi and miss the old days of first person shooters, then head on over to BundleStars and snap it up for only $2.99 in the Reboot bundle. The price is worth it just for the Hard Reset: Extended Edition that includes the Exile DLC, but you’ll also be given the sequel to the absolutely fantastic narrative-based 3D brawler, Zeno Clash—Zeno Clash II. Definitely worth it for the prices.


Now I’m sure I’ll cop some flak for mentioning this next game, purely because of the platform it’s currently being offered on. Syndicate is currently entirely free to anyone on the planet right now. The downside? It’s being offered “On The House” as part of EA’s Origin Service. Syndicate is a classic isometric strategy game, also set in a world straight out of a cyberpunk graphic novel. Developed by the same company that developed Theme Park World and Theme Hospital, Bullfrog Studio’s Syndicate was a major hit. It’s the year of 2096. The world is controlled by a number of mega-corporations—one of which you are at the head of. You are the commander of a group of cyborgs. You choose the gear they’re outfitted with and give them orders in combat, controlling their actions as they fight under the influence of the CHIP—a tool to alter perception and take away someone’s free will. It’s unfortunate that you have to go to Origin to get it, but for strategy fans it is definitely worth it. You can always uninstall it afterward.


Continuing with the cyberpunk theme we have going on currently, the next game on sale is Hydrophobia. A third person shooter  set on a futuristic luxury cruise liner, Hydrophobia had some really neat puzzles involving water, as well as some pretty impressive water physics for an indie game. The main character Kate was really likable and the plot was fairly cohesive. The ship—called the  “Queen of the World”, is boarded by a well known terrorist group called the Malthusians. Due to the overpopulation of the world, they plan to wipe out a significant percentage of society, in order to make it easier for the survivors. The game featured a special pad that Kate had access to as a system engineer—called a Navi. This helpful tool will guide you through the game, solving puzzles, swimming deep and trying to prevent the ship from being scuttled. The game is currently available on BundleStars for only $2.99, along with the next game that’s on sale in the same Bundle.


Velvet Assassin is a third person action- stealth game. Set during WWII, you play as Violette Summer—a beautiful woman who was indoctrinated into the Secret Intelligence Service at a young age. She has been gravely injured while on a mission and is slowly reliving her most successful assassinations via flashbacks while hospitalized. You will carry out all sorts of missions, from assassinations to sabotage, to tailing people before dispatching them. You can change disguises in a similar way to Hitman and The Saboteur. The gameplay is fairly straightforward stealth, making good use of the shadows in order to solve puzzles, avoid enemies and ultimately recall the past. Violette when under duress can use morphine to enhance her already amazing abilities and while this ability is somewhat helpful, giving her slowed down time to react and retaliate, ultimately it’s not that important.It doesn’t really last long enough to be helpful, and overusing them can be bad. the stealth is functional, but the game is hard. This is a game for people interested in the historical era as well as some rather brutal stealth. the game features a lot of trial and error but is overall pretty enjoyable. It’s available in the same bundle as Hydrophobia is in.

Flipping back to the cyberpunk theme this edition, the next game to recommend would be Deus Ex: Human Revolution director’s cut. Improving on the initial release of the game, you once again take on the role of Adam Jensen—a cybernetically enhanced ex-swat member who is gravely wounded. He is chosen for a new program to become an advanced human. The game is a mixture of first and third person, equal parts stealth-espionage and cover shooter mixed with a unique blend of RPG elements that gives the game widespread appeal to many audiences. With a well-written story, great voice acting, and the boss issues and enemy balancing more even, the director’s cut of Deus: Human Revolution DX is a must have for any fan of the series or science fiction thrillers. The graphics are impressive and even the outstanding DLC “The Link” is included in this version slipped in, in chronological order to tell the full story in the one go. The game is currently available for only $3.99 on steam as part of the Cyberpunk Sale. The sale will expire tomorrow and it is definitely worth a look, filled with several outstanding titles like Master Reboot, transistor, or Far cry 4: Blood Dragon. The sale ends today, so get in quick!

That’s it for this week. This will be a regular piece, so make sure to check back every week for the best recommended, extremely cheap titles, or follow us on Twitter to ensure you don’t miss a week.

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