Kickstarter Spotlight: Little Devil Inside

This week’s Spotlight focuses on what could be a truly ambitious title from South Korean developer Neostream. It is hack-n-slash meets action RPG meets well a lot of things. Let’s take a look at the gorgeous Little Devil Inside.

The Truth Is Out There

Little Devil Inside appears to be an action RPG with elements of titles like Dark Souls, The Legend of Zelda and more. The crux of the story will rely upon our hero teaming up with a professor who wishes to seek out the paranormal, find it, catalog it and, if necessary, take it out. This leads to a mission-driven structure that can be adhered to but, as the developers say:

Although guided by a multiple mission/mini-mission system, the way to the end will still be up to you. Journey through the wilderness – explore cities, forests, mountains, sea, deserts. Meet with new characters, hire assistants, camp out, take cover from mother nature and even team up with other players.

It’s all about discovering, learning and making choices.

The search for the fantastic and magical will take our dynamic duo all across a vast landscape of all sorts of terrain ranging from cities, forest, mountains, deserts even to the briny deeep.

Little Devil Inside

Combat Is Key

The video above offers a brief taste of what typical encounters could be like in Little Devil Inside. The hack and slash vibe is definitely present with a, simple on the surface, system in place that looks relatively simple to launch into but should provide players with numerous means to dispatch their foes. Whether it’s the sword, the pistol or something else in between there is no shortage of ways to carve out your place in the world.

This feeds into the survival aspects of the game where everything must be acquired either by money or by other means. Are there much needed supplies in that swarming camp? Maybe it’s time to consider wading through their blood to get to that food? The next destination through a desert absolutely stacked with ravenous foes? Drive on, blast your way through or find another route. It’s all up to you. The overarching narrative of the game will feature big bads, demons and the like but it seems Neostream is wanting to also have its players experience the dangerous life of someone who hunts down the improbable for a living.

Wait.. This Is Pre-Alpha Footage?

Little Devil Inside

If it wasn’t apparent from the media above? This game looks astounding. There has been just over two years of development time put in so far according to Neostream but there is far more to be done yet. The minimal aesthetic paired with the flat colors married with low polygonal art is a match made in heaven. Everything from the environments to character movement and the entire atmosphere of what Little Devil Inside seeks to put forward is magnificent. It is rare to see a Kickstarter game that looks this good so early on. The amount of polish on pre-alpha gameplay footage is absurd and one has to wonder what the finished product will turn out like.

Little Devil Inside

The game has been GreenLit by the Steam community but, at this point, needs more in the way of funding to put out a finished product for PC, Mac and Linux (PS4/Xbox One are also possible). That is where Kickstarter comes in. Their goal, 250,000 AUD, equals out to about $192,000. They’re working with an extended campaign with over 37 days left as of this publishing. This amalgam of action-adventure meets RPG with gear customization, active combat, demon hunting and so much more appears to have all the components to potentially be a truly special game. Backer rewards range from early access copies, Kickstarter backer-only items to having your picture digitized and added as portrait in the game, your name scrawled into the tomes of the game’s library and more. Future reward tiers could be shaped once more time elapses but we’ll see where this campaign takes Neostream.

Source: Little Devil Inside Kickstarter

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