Rumor: Dark Souls 3 Leaked Information


Information on the next game in the Dark Souls series, Dark Souls 3, has been leaked on the YouTube channel The Know and the sources behind the information are described, in a joking fashion, as anonymous. That being said, take the below information as unverified as the source was unnamed and uncredited. The video itself, full of information on the game, can be seen below and goes into detail on some of the new features in the game. While the game is meant to be about as long as the first game in the series it features 45 new enemies and 15 new bosses never-before-seen in the series. These new enemies are joined by new items and classes to be announced.

Screen shots show combat and wide vistas, one of 12 areas available in the game. The game engine will also be used more extensively in cut-scenes, as there are said to be fewer cinematic cut-scenes. The game is also set to host up to 4 players on multiplayer, but there is no information beyond that. The multiplayer element online is also changed, with a ‘sacrifice ceremony’ being mentioned as a new way of interaction. According to The Know, PS4 and Xbox One are set to get the game and the PC is listed as ‘negotiable’, meaning that discussion is still probably on the table.

Dark Souls 3 will be officially announced at E3 2015, and with it more detail about the information covered in this leak.

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