Rocket League Weekly: 8/22/2015 Edition

It’s been a quiet week this time around, the updates have come out and everything has gone a bit more relaxed over at Psyonix. I imagine the are likely already at work on the next update, looking for community recommendations and reported bugs. We’ll likely hear more about a new update in two or three weeks. Let’s have a run down of the past week then.

MLG Competition

The first Rocket League MLG competition saw a Cosmic Aftershock v The King Of Urban final. The prize pool was nothing to shout about, but the competitors didn’t care. This competition was about who could claim they were the best. The obvious favourite coming into the competition were Cosmic Aftershock, a team consisting of Gibbs, SadJunior and the much revered Kronovi. After starting the match in the lead, everyone thought it was business as usual for Cosmic Aftershock. Little did they know The King Of Urban would stage a brilliant comeback. I highly recommend watching this match. check it out below

Team Building and Friend Finder

I am quite lucky to have an awesome group of friends that I regularly play with, but I know that this isn’t always the case for other people. If you go here and create a free Reddit account you will be able to find people to play with. You may even be able to find people with the same skill level as yourself who own the same console. Who knows, you might just find yourself some new friends through Rocket League. Stranger things have happened!

What I would like to See

Rocket League has a lot of features for customisation, the release of the DLC has brought even greater levels of unique expression to the game. There are some things I would love to see in the future though, so I’ll just give you a quick run down of them. Horns are definitely one of the most requested features, and I can see why. I would love to see them implemented but only if they can be optionally turned off. I imagine they could potentially be quite annoying if spammed.  Custom paint jobs would be an awesome feature, using a layering system like in many other games. You could then pick from a preset selection of shapes and characters, giving people maximum artistic freedom with their vehicles. A Forza like community where there are players who just use the game to design awesome looking cars, would be the perfect outcome from this feature. Lastly, I think that the community really needs some form of a report feature. for the most part, the player base is absolutely brilliant. I’ve had some great games and rivalries with other players, and it has led to fun and friendly chat. But there are some really toxic players in the community that use the chat feature to spout a tirade of racist and negative language. While most would say we should just turn a blind eye, I don’t think it’s good for the community to let this kind of behaviour go unaccounted. A simple system where a player with multiple reports will get a warning, and further punishments if they do not pay heed. I think it will be simple enough to implement and may just be enough to deter people from this kind of behaviour completely.

Community Highlights

GoodLUF absolutely nails this wall to air shot play, I honestly think the corner walls are one of the best methods of setting up for a shot.

discodood is definitely in the “Right place at the right time” on this play.

That’s all for this week folks, I apologize for how thin this weeks article is. Hopefully we will hear some big news about the upcoming patch soon, and maybe even some more DLC. Here’s hoping for a Porsche like  DLC car!


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