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Nintendo in partnership with mobile developer Niantic Inc. will be releasing Pokémon GO in early 2016 for both iOS and Android users. The app will allow players to catch, train, battle, and even trade their Pokémon with others across the world. It utilizes GPS technology to place unique specimens in areas closest to the player and all over the world.

Players can explore their neighborhoods and communities to find unique Pokémon. They then can use poke balls to capture them and begin training. This is an incredible experience for fans as it is the first game to allow an open-world version of gameplay. Many have been clamoring for this for years, and it would seem this app may satisfy this craving.


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There will also be a purchasable bracelet called the Pokémon GO Plus. This device will link to your cell phone through Bluetooth and notify when there is a Pokémon nearby. The player can then move to catch them after being alerted. The device utilizes an LED and vibration to alert players. It will also allow players to capture Pokémon and perform a number of smaller functions. Pokémon GO Plus will be developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Junichi Masuda, of Game Freak, is contributing to the project. He serves as the current game director of the Pokémon franchise. Alongside Masuda will be those at the Pokémon Company and Nintendo Co., Ltd., to help with development. There are also reports of the late Satoru Iwata having helped with developing the concept for the app according to The Verge.

The app will be free to download once it releases on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play. In-app purchases will be available as well. More information about the app will be available closer to release.


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