New Street Fighter V Character Revealed


Capcom has unveiled the newest Street Fighter V addition Rashid, who is being added to the launch roster. Rashid is a technological master, using all the latest gadgets to constantly improve his fighting technique. Adding the power of the wind he harnesses, makes him a formidable opponent. Just check out those tornado kicks, Hadoukwho?

Rashid will be playable at launch although no solid release date for Street Fighter V has been set, we will likely see it around springtime next year. Capcom is committed to providing the best Street Fighter experience they can, in aid of this they have  announced that they are making all future DLC obtainable via game play with all tweaks and minor enhancements also being free. This is a shift away from the usual slew of remixed and updated versions coming out post release. There will also be cross-platform play between PC and PS4, giving two different communities the chance to square off against each other. This all looks like a great step towards providing one of the most comprehensive and polished Street Fighter experiences to date.

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