Karin Revealed as the Next World Warrior in Street Fighter V


Street Fighter V

Capcom, in typical fashion, kept us waiting (well those not in the JPT time zone anyway), until the wee hours of the morning to make their latest character reveal for Street Fighter V. One might speculate that this would be a returning character considering the last reveal of Rashid at Games15 in Dubai. Well, for all the Alpha 3 fans out there who weren’t sated with the mere morsel of Rainbow Mika the venerable Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono-san took to the Tokyo Game Show main stage. Your next World Warrior? Karin Kanzuki.

First impressions? All the glorious rekkas, command grabs, one-inch punch (!) and possibly a projectile counter? Fantastic. Those who remember Karin from her Alpha 3 appearance will recall her playing like a mix of Fei Long meets Chun-Li. That appears to be the case here though, most important of all, rich girl be stylin’ on ’em.

Street Fighter V

Shoutouts to PR_Balrog and others at TGS for the field reports bringing the news to us as Capcom’s own Twitch stream stayed on a static image the entire time the presentation was going on and, well, not everyone can hit up NicoNico (Japan’s biggest game streaming service behind a paywall) for it. Twitter user and Tokyo Game Show attendee Nacho Ortiz also posted up an image of her move list as well:

Street Fighter V

More analysis, character breakdowns and what not, will follow via a Capcom-Unity posting following Tokyo Game Show’s conclusion but more footage will surface in the coming days as notable FGC pros (PR_Rog, kBrad, Momochi, etc.) get their hands on the latest build. We’ll update this post accordingly once some definitive footage makes its way to us. One more thing? A new stage debuted alongside Karin, a throwback to her Alpha 3 swank pad including her assistants, chef and her butler.

One has to wonder, though, with characters such as R. Mika and Karin being announced, what awaits in regards to core roster characters? Will Alex make an appearance? That’s right. The hero we deserve. More from Tokyo Game Show to come in the next few days, folks. For now though, a reasonable facsimile of this writer’s reaction to the Karin reveal can be seen below:

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