League of Legends World Championship: Day Three

Saturday set us up with a number of great matches at the League of Legends World finals. Here is a brief run-down of all the results from one of the biggest eSports events of the year.


EDward Gaming vs SKT (Winner SKT)


As of yet no team has found a good way to shut down SKT, who have proven to be far more than the Faker team people were expecting. EDward Gaming was effective at keeping Faker, the SKT famous midlaner, at bay, but in doing so left MaRin in the top lane. This proved to be fatal as the top laner ran riot, using Renekton to snowball out of control to another victory. Teams will be looking at SKT and wondering how they can best use their resources to shut down this seemingly unstoppable force.


H2K vs Bangkok Titans (Winner H2K)


The battle of the two lower end teams in their group ended in victory for Europe. H2K proved they were a capable side when they qualified for their region and have since shown they can hold their own on the world stage, albeit not win any games. That all changed against Bangkok Titans, with Hjarnan showing what he has been capable of all year. H2K will be bolstered with this win and will hope to use the momentum to cause an upset or two, while Bangkok will probably be out of the race now, unless they can do something unbelievable in the next few days.


LGD vs KT Rolster (Winner KT Rolster)


KT Rolster continued to stamp their dominance on their group with another impressive win. The Chinese giants LDG have been disappointing so far at worlds and losing here has made qualification all the more daunting for them. They are by no means out of the running, but will need to put in a tremendous performance in order to escape their group. KT Rolster should feel comfortable at this point, but can’t afford to take their foot off the gas just yet.


Origen vs TSM (Winner Origen)


TSM are not making good moves in this tournament. Coming up against a team that is, on paper, a similar level, and getting soundly beaten by them. Dyrus, the top laner who was known as a dependable player for the team for so long, failed to do any damage at all the entire game. This, coupled with an Anivia and Kalista who put out some serious damage for Origen, signalled a defeat that has slumped TSM to the bottom of the pack. It will be an uphill battle for them to come close to qualifying for the next stage.


Invictus Gaming vs Cloud 9 (Winner )


Cloud 9 have come out as the tournaments surprise package, in a good way. Many didn’t expect much from the third seed NA team, but going into Sunday Cloud 9 are undefeated and look to be playing well. While Invictus may not be the strongest team at the tournament, Cloud 9’s ability to close out the game is commendable. However, their ability will be tested to the limit as they come up against a wounded Fnatic with something to prove. The next game could be very interesting between the two pseudo-rivals.


AHQ vs Fnatic (Winner AHQ)



The final game of the day proved to be a hard one to watch for many of the home fans, with Europes best hope crumbling in the face of AHQ. Fnatic had control of the game for a long time, but poor decisions and outstaying their welcome in pushes cost them the match. Huni also again showed why he is having some trouble at worlds, tilting off mistakes and being unable to perform to his own top level. AHQ well be happy with this result and Fnatic will need to get back up fighting to solidify their claim on a spot in the knock out stages.


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