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4 fun things to keep your children busy at home

It can be hard to keep your kids motivated, especially over the weekend or during those rainy days during the school holidays. If you’re struggling to keep your children entertained when they’re stuck at home, here are several fun things you can do to keep them occupied.

Camping in the living room

Most kids love camping. However, given the fact that outdoor camping hasn’t been available for some time (because of COVID-19), “indoor” camping has emerged as a popular activity to do with the little ones. All you need to do is set up a small makeshift tent using a variety of bed sheets, pillows and other necessary items from around your home. It’s fun, easy and the kids will love it.

Try a new card game

There are thousands of card games out there. Do a quick Google search and find one that’s easy to pick up. Print out the instructions and rules, make sure you have a reliable deck of cards and start giving it a go.

Practice origami

Origami is a natural activity to organise for your kids. Get a bunch of sheets of paper (different colours and sizes) and start creating. It allows your children to be imaginative, and it can help improve their spatial awareness. All you need to do is print out a couple of easy how-to guides to get them started.

Learn how to juggle

Juggling is no easy feat and is a great way to churn through a few hours during a quarantine-induced afternoon. Simply get up a few YouTube videos, find a few tennis balls lying around the house and start practising.

Jeremy Spain
Jeremy Spainhttps://apgnation.com
Jeremy Spain is originally from Southern California and is a graduate of Georgetown University. He covers top business and entrepreneur stories. He is also a reporter for other major online news outlets.

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