Battlefield: Hardline Details Revealed

BF-Hardline-Key-Art-EAYesterday, seven minutes of gameplay footage was released for Battlefield: Hardline, the upcoming cops-and-robbers installment to the franchise.

The preview, more than likely meant to release at E3, gives a break down of major price points to the game. Some of which could be considered spoilers, so if you keep reading, be forewarned.

First is the new campaign that publisher EA has brought in developer Visceral Games (Dead Space) to help with.The storyline¬†features new protagonist Nick Mendoza who begins his journey in Omaha as a cop in the middle of a war on crime dealing with his “personal struggle between right and wrong.”

Dirty cops, drug lords, SWAT, this game has everything to pump up the Battlefield title and revitalize a franchise that had been seen as coasting for nearly a year.

Other details about this game has already been leaked, so be sure to check it out.

Some of the other exciting news along with this is the return of grappling hooks and zip lines last featured in the Battlefield franchise in 2005 in Battlefield 2: Special Forces (One of my personal favorites) and new game modes that have hostages, car chases, giant piles of cash, and more.

The trailer that was released on YouTube has been taken down, but if you look carefully you may be able to find the video pop back up here and there until E3 inevitably fully releases the trailer.

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Source: Game Spot

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