Marvel Heroes 2015 Announced

June 4th marks the upcoming release date of the highly anticipated game, Marvel Heroes 2015.

“The culmination of a year’s worth of game content, Marvel Heroes 2015 marks a significant step forward for the Marvel Heroes franchise and includes sweeping improvement made over the original launch. New features and a number of new game modes have also been added alongside the ever-expanding superhero roster. For the anniversary, players can look forward to new end-game raid content that will have them face off against the ruler of fire demons himself, Surtur.”

We were lucky enough for Marvel to give us a preview of the big-name heroes that are going to be featured and a great look at what gameplay could look like.

Interestingly enough, the open beta will begin on Mac for this primarily PC game. This confirmed free-to-play massively-multiplayer online game looks like it will be the next big game to bring out the hero in all of us as we get a chance to team up with our friends in an Avengers-style world-saving attempt to face off with the main baddie Surtur. Check out the trailer below.

Keep watching our feeds as we’re sure to have more information coming while that June 4th date approaches rapidly.

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