Our Nation’s The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 Review

The penumbral entry to The Wolf Among Us series has been an astonishing episode. As the plot thickens, your judgement clouds.

Every person tells you to let this go, but it’s your job and you have to get to the bottom of these murders.


Every step you find yourself questioning if it’s the right one, and no decision feels safe. There’s always a consequence, and it can cost you an ally, a friend, or even a life.

And as the plot heats up, so does the action. Laced with more fight scenes as your protagonist Bigsby gets to the end of his rope, this episode will keep you mashing buttons, and dodging incoming projectiles leaving Wolf inevitably scathed.

Originally, Wolf’s problem was that everyone was afraid of him, but now it’s becoming a problem that he’s the least of their concerns. The stress is building, everyone’s problems are getting worse, and the baddies are getting badder.

Because of this, every choice you make and everything you say feels like choosing which dynamite stick to light. After enough time, something’s bound to blow, and you’re just hoping it doesn’t cost you your life.


Even amidst all this amazing, plot-heavy content, you can’t help but get taken away by the impressive visuals of this cartoon-esque work of art while you’re tearing off a limb or watching the smoke come off your cigarette. Visuals, story content, action, this episode has it all and if the end of this episode says anything, it’s that Telltale is just starting to crank the thermostat.

There isn’t a whole lot more about this episode to say other than: buy it. This game is a solid 10/10 and it’s absolutely worth the time. There’s even replay value with the fact that you have three save files that can keep all your decisions separate. I know I have my nice Bigsby, my mean Bigsby, and my mute Bigsby. It really does feel like getting a completely new experience.

Nice Bigbsy is intimidating due to the fact that people know he can lay down the hurt if the time comes, but his furry cowl is all he needs to keep away a fight.

Interestingly enough, mean Bigsby doesn’t get taken seriously because he’s unprofessional, so he has to fight to prove himself.

And mute Bigsby gets a lot of funny comments about how he doesn’t ever talk.


Everything we’ve come to expect of this series is brilliantly done yet again for this fourth entry and as soon as the fifth and final comes out, you can be sure that we’ll have the coverage for it. Just watch for our review tag on our home page and follow our Twitter page @APGNation so you know the moment it’s posted to our site.

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