More Information Emerges from the nDreams Vault

If you remember this picture then we finally have more news for you after E3:


If you’ve never seen this before, it was the featured screenshot from a teaser trailer a week or two before E3 that gave us little to no information in order to hype up an upcoming game from nDreams that would involve the new Oculus Rift technology: Project Morpheus for the PS4.

We’ve received an exclusive press release finally opening up some more information about this game.

“Descend into the world of The Assembly, a shadowy organisation that pursues the truth without letting the law interfere. Driven forward by a powerful and disturbing narrative, you will experience the story through the eyes of two different characters: the brilliant but in-the-dark prospective newcomer Madeleine Stone, and long-term member, Joel Pearson.”


This game will test your mind between the twisted plotline with deep moral ambiguity and the intriguing puzzles that stretch the capabilities of the optics by Oculus Rift “with scenarios involving binoculars, microscopes, night vision goggles, interactive terminals, photography and physics puzzles.”


So what happens when a company vows to further science at any cost? Find out in this upcoming thriller, The Assembly for PC and PS4 through Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus.

This game set to release during the release of Project Morpheus.

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