Rock Simulator 2014 Ranked on Steam Greenlight

“Wait… really?” is the expected reaction to such a ludicrous concept, but believe it or not, Rock Simulator is not only real- it’s growing in development to the point where it will likely be a paid game.

“Rock Simulator will be a one of a kind experience. The game will consist of mini games where you play as a rock, such as a rock tumbling down and hill and having you avoid obstacles,” says the developer Ryan of Strange Panther Games.


It’s probably good that there is something to do rather than just look at rocks (No judgement if that’s you’re thing, but you probably shouldn’t want to pay for that experience, just walk out your front door). Like we discussed in our recent announcement of Spintires (stay tuned for the upcoming review!), simulator games are great for developing physics and growing the world of potential in video games.

Currently the game is ranked 69 in Steam’s Greenlight program where it’s unknown how many of their voters are laughing too hard not to vote and how many actually want this game to succeed, but we’re waiting to see how this game works and what’s available before the wallets come flying out.


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