Razer to Create a Google Console

Lauded for its high-end gaming PC’s, Razer has made a recent name for itself by helping other gaming consoles get their start.

Razer is still rumored to be helping developer Valve’s “Steam Machine” get off the ground (along with other well-known computer groups like AlienWare), but now Google has announced that they have forged a partnership with Razer.

There are debates on this device, like the Steam Machine, on whether it will be a Console or a PC, but it’s likely that with Razer involved there will be a heavy focus on gaming due to the company’s history.

Razer Microconsole-578-80

Another tipping aspect toward console is the fact that the device will hold the Android TV OS; so think mobile apps, potentially with a controller, and some exclusives on your TV in full size.

The term “micro console” is also getting tossed around during the creation of this device giving credence to the theory that this could be a direct competitor to the Ouya system. Small, compact, cheap, and best of all: open source so that developers can throw games in at a free-to-small price.

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