BioShock Sparks Back To Life On The Ipad


BioShock fans should brace themselves for publisher 2K’s announcement today of their plan to release BioShock for mobile iOS this summer. Earlier this year Irrational, the original maker of the BioShock series, passed the reins of the game’s development onto 2K China who is now attempting to shock the game back to life with a mobile version for iOS devices.  This mobile version of BioShock will be almost identical to the original game but with a few scaled back features. The reduced features are due to the constraints of simpler hardware and include changes like simpler graphical textures and shading and an inability to jump.

The game can be played either using the device’s touch screen or a MOGA Hero Power controller.  This controller is compatible with mobile devices and offers the traditional gaming feel with buttons, control sticks, and triggers.  Using the controller gives the player a more natural game play and a little more control- especially during multi-opponent battles.


The game will be available for iPad Air, iPad Mini2, iPad4, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5.  Such diversity sounds great but even though the game will be available for iPad and iPhone the game progress will not be able to be shared across these two different devices.

2K has not given an official release date for its port but does plan to offer the mobile BioShock as a “premium-priced mobile game” later this summer.  Although the mobile version of the game has lost a bit in translation, the game promises to provide nostalgic entertainment for on go gamers that will push the mobile platform to its limit.

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Source: GameSpot

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