PES 2015 Demo : First Impressions

The PES 2015 demo has dropped. Well not, really. Due to an unexpected hiccup, Konami had to delay the release of the demo everywhere except for Asia, excluding Japan. My excitement fizzled out after hearing this, but I found a workaround. I made a Hong Kong PSN account and downloaded it from the store where it is under the name “WORLD ELEVEN Winning Eleven 2015 Demo”. The demo also had traditional Japanese controls, i.e., X meant back while O meant confirm, which was quite frustrating at points. But after getting the hang of it, I could finally enjoy the game.

The first thing I noticed while playing the game is how beautiful and fluid the animations are. FIFA was a little robotic at times, but this is truly amazing. Little touches like looking up at the goal while you are about to strike the ball, and then looking down as you strike it, just like how a pro would do in real life. The way goalkeepers move is realistic too (Pictures Below). But it seems like there are only 3 animations when you are being yellow carded, and only a single one when you are injured. This becomes repetitive as the referees are really strict in this game and players become injured with just 2 tackles.

The player models are really great, and the crowd looks realistic too. But the lighting and pitch doesn’t look as good as FIFA 15’s. One of the best things in the game is the Player ID system they have implemented which makes players behave like their real-life counterparts. Ronaldo moves with quick steps like he would have in real life. But the player faces could do with some improvement, because even though some faces like Neymar are better than their FIFA version, others like Pique and Dani Alves are not as good (Pictures Below).

The AI in this game is ridiculously impressive. It correctly predicts what your next move might be almost every single time, and makes the game a real challenge. Every single game is different. In some games the AI may be defensive and keep passing between the back four, while in other games they constantly try to score. This combined with the fact that the ball moves really accurately when you strike it, makes scoring goals a really satisfying experience. Looks like they weren’t lying when they said on their website that “You can keep the easy goal. We are striving for the perfect one”.

This demo doesn’t even showcase new features and stuff like they do in other sports game demos. Instead it puts you right into the action, which is where it all happens. The game just wants you to play and find out for yourself whether you like it or not. I like how they implemented features like animated LED boards and player kits getting dirty without even mentioning them anywhere. The crowd is great too, and little touches like players reaching out to the home fans in the front row, and players running to the camera and kissing it after scoring a goal is nice, and makes up for the lack of controllable celebrations.

The worst thing about this demo is the UI. Changing line-ups is frustrating with the mouse cursor interface, and moreover it looks really ugly compared to FIFA 15’s UI. Other than the UI, this game is amazingly fun to play and it is no wonder it won the Best Sports Game award at Gamescom this year. Will PES be able to overtake FIFA this year? It’s unlikely, but if PES can find it’s footing, then next year PES might just get back on the throne it conceded to FIFA last gen.

I recommend you guys play this demo as soon as it hit’s the store in your region, and if you have already played this, tell us how you feel about it! Don’t forget to follow @APGNation for more gaming news, reviews and everything else gaming related!

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