The Lowdown On Kingdom Come: Deliverance

We reported this past weekend on the latest update video blog from Warhorse Studios about the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. As I was writing, I realized that APGNation had not yet posted a proper piece on the game, so I volunteered!

Being a major fan of historical fiction, I am so excited for Kingdom Come! Excitement began at first glance of the tagline for the game “Dungeons & No Dragons!” I don’t have anything against dragons, but I love historical fiction and dragons are more on the fantasy side of things. Furthermore, the promise of a “Realistic, Medieval, Open World RPG” sounds extraordinary appealing. Okay, enough of my excitement about the potential for this game, on to the facts you are waiting for!

According to Warhorse Studios, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, will be set during the Holy Roman Empire in the late Middle Ages and is being created using CryEngine 3.6 + RPG Customizations. 


Using a non-linear story line, players will be able to choose to between playing the protagonist as a villain or a savior. As players develop their characters the player will be able to choose, or mix and match, from three character types; warrior, rogue, or bard.  

Crafting is an important element for any RPG, and Warhorse promises to make this, often mind numbing, activity into an enjoyable event by turning all crafting into mini games.

First-person melee combat for the game promises to be a revolutionary experience biased on inverse kinematics that provide an easy-to-control authentic experience based on 15th century fighting techniques which are being designed in cooperation with medieval martial arts experts. 


The game plans to be released in three acts, the first of which will include a 3.5 square mile open world landscape and promises 30 hours of game play. Players can explore the world on horseback or by hiking.  Throughout the game players will encounter; castles, cities, forests, and villages. 

Kingdome Come: Deliverance has been made possible by gamers like you. The game’s creation was funded by a 2.1 million dollar crowdsourcing campaign which reached its goal in only 5 months. Deliverance will be released in early release alpha on October 22nd for supporters of Baron level and higher. The full game is set to release on PC, Xbox 1, and PS4 in late 2015. 

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