[UPDATED] Street Fighter V Exclusive to PC and PS4


Confirmation was given at the Playstation Experience Event by longtime series producer, Yoshinori Ono, and Sony’s Adam Boyes that Street Fighter V would, indeed, be a PS4 console-exclusive along with launching on PC as well. Boyes also added that Capcom and Sony have been working together upon the next entry in the series. There will be cross-platform play between those who choose to go with the PS4 or with PC for SF5 as well. The first gameplay footage was also unveiled at the event:

Microsoft’s Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, issued his thoughts via Twitter regarding the announced exclusivity of SF5 with Playstation 4:

Street Fighter V Phil Spencer

So, simple as that, when it came down to it Microsoft wanted to forge ahead with their own first-party franchise in the fighting game landscape, Killer Instinct. The property was brought under the Xbox brand way back in 2002 with the purchase of Rare. 

Yoshinori Ono, in an interview with Famitsu, mentioned the eleventh hour decision to drop full gameplay footage of Ryu facing off against Chun-Li at the Playstation Experience Event. The leak moved the time table up just a bit it seems. The first live demonstration of gameplay from Street Fighter V will take place at the Capcom Cup this coming weekend (December 13-14). 


News broke this morning via a posting from NeoGAF user UnluckyKate that a trailer for Capcom’s latest version of their immensely popular Street Fighter franchise had leaked. The video is a combination of small bits of footage, FGC hype and some tremendous music from Explosions in the Sky. Street Fighter V, ladies and gentleman:

The “PC & PS4 Exclusive” tag at the end is already causing some immense ripples of hatred from Xbox One owners everywhere. Killer Instinct is a tremendous fighting game and Iron Galaxies has done well with it but Street Fighter is another animal entirely. The entire tournament scene in the FGC has been played on Xbox 360 for years now. Could we be seeing the first movement towards the PS4? 

Street Fighter V Ryu

It isn’t confirmed yet via Capcom, but it would not be surprising in the least if this was more like a Rise of the Tomb Raider situation — a timed exclusive. PS4/PC will get Street Fighter V first, followed by the Xbox One. We will find out more info soon as the Playstation Experience Event is happening this weekend in Vegas, and Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono is in town. Stay tuned as more info comes in (along with probably a whole avalanche of other announcements between PSX and the Game Awards). 

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