Controversial Game ‘Hatred’ Back On Steam Greenlight

Yesterday, Destructive Creations launched their new title Hatred on Steam Greenlight. However, within hours, Valve pulled the game down, issuing the following statement:

“We wanted you guys to know that based on what we see on Greenlight we would not publish Hatred on Steam.  As such we’ll be taking it down.”

Hatred has been the focus of scrutiny since the game’s initial reveal, as the sole purpose of the game is to “wander the outskirts of New York State, seek for victims on seven free-roam levels. Fight against law enforcement and take a journey into the antagonist’s hateful mind. Gather equipment of the dead ‘human shields’ to spread Armageddon upon society. Destroy everything on your way of hunt and fight back when it’s disturbed.”

The game’s dark approach and unapologetic violence have earned it equal parts praise and scorn, both for its willingness to do something this bold and its shameless depiction of brutal violence for no other purpose than the violence itself. APGNation’s earlier interview with Destructive Creations’ Creative Director, Jarosław Zieliński, can be found here.

The teaser trailer, “Call to Arms”, meant to push would-be voters towards the Greenlight service to vote for Hatred, remains online (with annotations lamenting the removal).

Following the news of the game’s removal from Steam’s Greenlight service, Destructive Creations released a statement:

Dear Hatred Fans,

As you know today we’ve launched our Steam Greenlight campaign for Hatred.
Unfortunately after couple of hours Steam shut it down giving the below as reasons behind their decision:

“We wanted you guys to know that based on what we see on Greenlight we would not publish Hatred on Steam. As such we’ll be taking it down.”

Even though games like Manhunt or Postal are still available on Steam we of course fully respect Valve’s decision, as they have the right to do so. In the same time we want to assure you that this won’t in any way impact the game’s development, game’s vision or gameplay features we’re aiming for. The game is still to be released in Q2 2015 as planned.

Moreover we don’t treat this as a failure because yet again this showed us a huge community support we’re totally overwhelmed with. After only a couple of hours Greenlight campaign being live, Hatred gathered 13,148 up votes and ended up on a #7 on Top 100 list.

Hatred Greenlight ss

This is the best proof for us that there are diehard Hatred fans out there, waiting for this game to be released. And that we need to keep going to deliver them a game that offers exciting and challenging gameplay.

The whole situation only pushes us forward to go against any adversity and not to give up. It also makes us want to provide our fans Hatred pre-orders sooner, as many of you have asked for them.

At the end of the day you, gamers will judge if we were able to do a game that’s simply fun to play.

Destructive Creations Team

While this may bring up questions of censorship or content filtering, it’s not hard to see why Valve would want to distance themselves from this as much as possible. With many questions about the situation remaining, I reached out to the head of Destructive Creations’s Public Relations, Agnieszka. Understandably, they have been inundated with emails, and I have yet to hear back from them.

In the meantime, the updates keep rolling in: Steam re-listed Hatred on Greenlight earlier today, with no explanation or fanfare from either Valve or Destructive Creations. The following image was shared by Destructive Creations on their Facebook page regarding the issue:



The controversy has once again erupted, with equal parts praise and scorn directed at Valve and Destructive Creations. I don’t expect this to be the last we’ll see of Hatred in the news.

This is an ongoing event — for more info on Hatred as it nears its impending release, stay tuned by following us on Twitter @APGNation.

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