Italian Author Leaks Possible Future of Destiny

Published October 2, 2014 in an Italian Destiny group was an image that appears to reveal some information about Destiny‘s future expansions. Despite the post having been around for two months already, English-speaking countries are just catching on. Please note that the below information has not been verified by Bungie.

Destiny Leak

The image in question. If you can read it, feel free to tell us what it says!

It was revealed 12 hours ago on Reddit via the Destiny Reddit StrikerCodex that the House of the Wolves expansion could grace our presence on March 10. The image was allegedly deciphered by a user with incredibly good eyesight named Eren Jäger on the Bungie forums, according to this post by Redditor /u/TheLoneWolf527. A reformatted and refined post of the information revealed that The Dark Below and House of Wolves are just the beginning. House of Wolves promises three new raids, one new strike, four new Player vs Player maps, and more on the way.

 Comet: Plague of Darkness is due to be released in sometime around September. According to Eren, this episode contains a new location known as The Hive Ship, to be fully explorable along with the addition of a new patrol mission option. The post also claims Comet: Plague of Darkness will have 12 new missions, four new strikes, one new public event, one new raid, and six new PvP maps. The possibility of new subclasses and weapons have not been confirmed yet. This expansion’s base level requirement is slated to be 30.


Two more DLC releases are shown in the leaked image. Episode Three will involve the Vex in some way according to the leak, though the full name is illegible. This DLC pack will also include three new missions, two new strikes, one new raid, and an unspecified number of PvP maps. The image also reveals a fourth episode, Forge of the Gods. Not much else is currently known about this particular expansion other than its name.

The above image also appears to be dated if a previous post made by the FWCReddit Twitter is accurate — this was alluded in a more recent tweet. Further speculation in the same Twitter thread wonders if it actually is referring to Factions rather than Clans.

Not much is known about this mysterious image other than it was apparently leaked by an Italian author named Michele Carofiglio, who writes for a publication called The Tower.  This is a developing story and we will update as it unfolds further. As always, if you want to leave a comment or just like what we do here at the Nation, feel free to stalk us via Twitter. We will answer you as best we can.

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