Dota 2 New Bloom Event Update Announced Over Three Day Event

Over the past three days Valve has been giving sneak peeks at the upcoming New Bloom event for Dota 2. This marks the second time the Year Beast will make an appearance on the Dota 2 scene, with last year’s featuring a custom game mode having players team up to tackle the vicious Year Beast. 2015’s event appears to have some modifications. Valve has yet to detail exactly what the event will consist of, but the trailer below gives a few hints. Those with a close eye will catch the new Winter Wyvern and Crystal Maiden with her new Arcana.

Day two updates featured a comic giving some personality to Winter Wyvern — give it a read here. Winter Wyvern looks to be filling a support role with some crowd control. Below is a full writeup of her skills.

WW abilities


The final day of updates gave even more details on changes coming to the game. Valve is revamping the cosmetic item drop system, increasing the ultra-rare drop rate on sets, and adding a separate drop rate for individual cosmetic items. These individual items will never be marketable, and can only be gifted once. The new patch will bring an item recycling system as well: players will be able to melt down 10 cosmetic items for a charm. The charm can be used to predict victories in games, after three correct predictions in a row players earn a Treasure of the Crucible Jewel, containing one of several dozen sets. The New Bloom map makes a return, Spectre gets an alternate voice, a whole host of new cosmetics make an appearance to a new underscore.


And finally, the new Crystal Maiden Arcana, Frost Avalanche, is detailed:

Arcana info

Pretty snazzy stuff! The line at the bottom, however, caught my eye, “2400 Ability points for the year beast brawl event, allows you and your team to earn ability points for each victory in a regular match during the year beast brawl event.” Sounds similar to the recent Nemesis Assassin event which players could only participate in if a teammate has forked over cash for the Phantom Assassin Arcana. However, on a Q&A stream, Cyborgmatt confirmed that players will receive 100 ability points per normal game, with the Arcana offering a bonus. Whether this is true or how exactly the ability points are used for the Year Beast Brawl event remains to be seen.

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