March Update for Xbox One Features Screenshots and Good News for Australians

Announced February 18 by Major Nelson, the Xbox One will be implementing screenshots, privacy changes and more this coming March update. An article posted on the Xbox Wire site released a video containing both Larry Hryb and Richard Irving from Xbox engineering talking about what members of the Xbox One preview program now have access to since last Wednesday night.

So, what is planned for this upcoming March Xbox One update? The first new implementation will be screenshots—a much-requested feature that was previously missing. Just like the Playstation 4, users of the Xbox One will now be able to take screenshots rather than just 30 second video clips. To use this feature while playing a game, they must double tap the Xbox logo button to capture it and then hit the “Y button to save it. Alternatively, users can tell their Kinect “Xbox take a screenshot” instead. On top of this new feature, the “Upload” app will be upgraded to allow screenshot management along with the video clips. Users will be able to use the screenshot as their Xbox One background too. They simply need to view the image in full screen on Upload, hit “Menu” and select “Set as background.” The website also states in coming preview builds, members will be able to use Upload for sharing screenshots with their activity feed, as attachments in messages, their showcase and eventually Twitter integration. In the current preview build, sharing of images isn’t available but players can set them as backgrounds now.

March Update

The Xbox One will now also suggest people who you might wish to befriend in order to grow your list of gaming comrades. Suggested friends will include people you know, as well as top community broadcasters and clip creators, recent players you played with, and people who follow you who you’re not following back. This is a feature that’s been borrowed from the Xbox app that was shown in Windows 10 preview builds. Also in the friend’s section is the new ability to share your real name with your friends or other members of the Xbox community. You can choose to share it with select friends or no-one if you want. Gamertags will still be the primary method of identifying players though. This new option will be found under Friends, My Profile and then Name sharing settings.

March Update2

Also addressing privacy, it seems there will be a new setting for sharing voice search data. This gives players the option of allowing collection and analysis of voice  when using Bing on the Xbox to search for content. To access this, go to Setting, Privacy and online safety, and then Share voice search data. Another added feature  from community suggestions is tile transparency. They will be adding a setting to allow players to change how see-through their background images are. This can be found by going to Settings, then My Xbox, and finally Tile Transparency. Players will also be able to report spam, due to an update for the Messages app. They need only select a specific message, press “A” and then Report and then Spam.


Good news for Australian Xbox One users is that in the preview build, support for OneGuide will continue for free-to-air television listings. Australian Xbox One users with a Xbox digital TV tuner will also be able to use it with the preview build of the upcoming March update and presumably the update itself when it drops. The Xbox Wire article told readers to stay tuned for more new on Xbox One updates. Whether this hints at further changes during March is as of yet unknown, but if you want to comment or stay up to date with any possible happenings, feel free to stalk us on Twitter.

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