Snapshots Episode 3 – Richie Heinz

This is Episode Three of the Snapshots Interview series hosted by Dave Throop.

Richie “Heinz” is a member of the Counter Logic Gaming professional Halo team. A veteran of the scene, he has been playing competitively for eight years now and has been a member of multiple championship rosters. Starting his career as a member of several underdog lineups he made waves on teams that had tremendous upset potential by taking out big names at important events. From there he transitioned to one of the most dominant teams in all of Halo’s history, Triggers Down during 2009, and cemented himself as one of the strongest players on the Pro Circuit. Despite a brief dip in his results after departing the formidable Triggers Down squad he managed to return to championship form in recent years winning multiple events throughout Halo 4.

CLG is one of the premier teams in the game and Heinz is an integral part of that lineup. Listen to him break down his past as well as the present to gain insight into his career beyond what the statistics can tell you.  Heinz talks about past events, why CLG has been so successful, game mechanics and more in this hour-long glimpse into the mind of a prolific professional player. Thanks again to both Richie Heinz and CLG for their participation, follow them both on Twitter!.

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