Twitch Warns Users Of Possible Security Breach

Today Twitch cautioned users via both E-mail and on their official blog that a security breach may have occurred. The breach could possibly give hackers access to such pertinent information as a users Twitch username and associated email address, password, the last IP address you logged in from, and even your first and last name, as well as phone numbers, address, and birth date. As a precautionary measure, all users accessing the site from Youtube or Twitter will automatically be logged out and asked to create a new password the next time they log in.

To combat this possible threat, Twitch has recommended that users change their password as soon as possible, as well as any other site they may visit that uses the same password. The press release also gave a series of guide lines to help users pick a new password and even went so far as to provide a few examples as well. You will find both of these statements reproduced below.

“How do I create a secure password?
In order to create a secure password, we suggest you use a long random character string with a mix of character types (letters, numbers, symbols). To make it easy to remember, feel free to use words from the dictionary with multiple uncommon string substitutions.

  • Bad: Applesauce1! – You’re using different character types, but the majority of the password is a single word from the dictionary
  • Okay: ILoveGreenApplesauce – You’re using multiple words and lots of characters, but the words are too common.
  • Good: !70v3Gr33n@pple$auce? – You’re using multiple words and lots of characters with uncommon substitutions. Good job.
  • Best: Use a reputable password manager with a random password generator.”

Later in the day, Twitch  confirmed that no credit card information had been lost during the incident. VentureBeat got a hold of the email excerpt and managed to confirm this.

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