Project CARS Developers Embracing Steam’s Ability to Ban Users

Project CARS is the hyper-realistic racer, developed by Britain-based Slightly Mad Studios. The game started out as a crowd funded project, raising close to $5 million and gaining recognition at the time for such a large amount—crowd funding was still largely unheard of then. It was an attempt to break the status-quo between the duopoly of the Forza and Gran Turismo series while meeting the market in the middle and being available for both platforms.

The game has been in development since 2012 and after a slew of delays—citing the need to polish the games overall quality, it is time. Project CARS released May 8 in the United Kingdom and will release May 12 in North America. Although the general reception has been mostly positive for the game, some dedicated driving fans are not happy.YcPymET

The following user posted a link to a satirical review of the game, claiming to have received a ban not long after from a Project CARS developer. These claims would suggest that Slightly Mad Studios are banning users that post reviews like this via Steam. There isn’t currently an official statement on the ban,  but hopefully Slightly Mad will officially address this issue soon and lay to rest any concerns or misconceptions people may have.

The article in question is from a site that is satirical in nature—Pretend Race Cars. On their “about” segment, they describe themselves as “an alternative online news publication that sarcastically picks apart all different sub-genres of console and PC driving game”  This makes the ban more understandable as it is a clear attempt to “troll” the  developers and also the community. APGNation have reached out to Slightly Mad Studios for an official statement but so far have not been replied to.

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