E3 2015: Ubisoft Shows New IP ‘For Honor’

A new intellectual property has been revealed during the Ubisoft press conference. The new game For Honor features visceral melee combat between three different combat factions; Vikings, Samurai and medieval knights.

Taking to the stage, creative director Jason VandenBerghe explained that players will be able to feel every clash of their sword swings, and every crunch they experience in battle. He described how visceral the experience was before giving the floor to a playable demo.

The playable demo featured two teams of four players going up against each other. The first team was made up of the knights, with the second made up of the samurai. Onscreen many enemies appeared to be close to roughly 50 fighting at a time. The battle was huge and sprawling. The player started off by dispatching three or four enemy soldiers in rather brutal and gruesome ways, removing limbs and heads, as well as disemboweling them.


The smaller enemies were easily dealt with, up until some of the other team joined the fray. When another player was encountered, the game went into a locked-on mode, allowing the player to switch between multiple targets. At first, the knight was outnumbered, with two samurai fighters on them. Taking them on one at a time, the swordplay looked incredibly realistic, with ripostes, parrying, and slow, methodical sword-fighting. Another team member then joined the fight, and the fight was on.

The combat was extremely graphic, with blood flying everywhere, and a dance of death occurred. Someone would dodge a blow and fight back. This lasts about 20 seconds until the samurai team is finally dispatched with, in quite violent ways. A decapitation was visible; it was quite a sight as the demo ended. The demo was captured using a PS4, and the combat was melee only.  Jason VanderBerghe also mentioned people would be able to experience For Honor hands-on tomorrow on the exhibition floor.

Ubisoft’s new IP For Honor will be released sometime in 2016 according to the official website. Nothing else has been revealed as of yet. To stay up to date as we follow For Honor.

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