Rocket League Is Awesome. Go Play It

Having released on Tuesday as one of the PS+ titles for the month and also Steam. Rocket League has already “Rocketed” (Sorry) into the charts and into people’s daily playing habits. It is one of those games that is very easy to play but incredibly hard to put down.

You are a car and the goal is to put the ball in the goal. It’s incredibly simple. Think back to that Top Gear episode from a few years ago.


So yeah, it is essentially that Top Gear episode but with rocket boosters and the ability to jump.  You can also do sweet barrel rolls and front/back flips. Add all these together and you end up with some seriously awesome, skillful and lucky goals.

There is a exhibition mode with a selection of maps to choose from, and also a season mode in which you can fight for top position in the table. The games bread and butter is in the online though. You can choose to play up to a maximum of 4v4, although they are bit too clustered for my liking. I’ve found that 3v3 is currently the sweet spot, especially when playing co-op with friends. This for me is where I am having the most fun. A private lobby where me and a buddy can team up against bots, and perfect our skills before we decide to move onto proper online play. With the addition of Crossplay private servers in the future, the possibilities for private lobbies with friends will be even greater.

There have been reports of it causing some Playstation 4’s to overheat, but the developers Psyonix are already working on a fix.This seems to mostly affect the Playstation when it is kept in the menus. Although it is rumoured that if you change the camera view to just above the car, the fan instantly calms down.

All in all Rocket League looks like it is here to stay, after making such a great impact in the space of a few days I can’t help but wonder if we have found the next big eSport?

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