Gaming on a Budget: 7/30/2015 Edition

This week on Gaming on a Budget: 7/30/2015 Edition, we are picking from some we’ve already shown before, as my PC isn’t well and the pickings are quite slim. Hopefully there’s enough here for everybody.


Knights of the Old Republic II showed a darker side to the Jedi, blurring the lines and not always making the Sith out to be pure evil. It takes place five years after the first Knights of the Republic. The game’s protagonist is joined by Kreia — someone with a dark past and a lot of wisdom to impart. Obsidian did a brilliant job of remaining true to the original game, improving on the combat systems and allowing your attacks to hit. Unlike the first game, shots won’t constantly miss and you feel like you’re dishing out real damage. With a decent plot and a somewhat convoluted link to the first game, it’s still worth a look. KOTOR II is on Steam for $7.49 until August 3.

The gods have forsaken you, your crops are dying and your village is in ruins. why did they not answer your calls? You must embark on a quest to find what’s happened to the gods. Journeying to Mt Olympus, you discover that something far sinister breeds among the land of the gods and it’s up to you to quell the conspiracy. Featuring an in-depth combat system with an extensive array of weapons, Apotheon at times feels like a two-dimensional homage to Dark Souls. The game is currently $7.50 on PSN, and if you’re interested, check out our in-depth review of the game. This sale ends August 5.


Resident Evil never did much for me as a horror franchise. It seemed too fake and unreal to be really scary. The reptilian counterpart; however, scared the hell out of me. Dino Crisis also featured one of the best female protagonists in gaming history, Regina. Something has gone terribly wrong on Ibis Island. People have gone missing and strange creatures have been reported within the facility. Regina and her partner are sent in to discover what has happened, slowly piecing together something called Third Energy and how it relates. If Resident Evil didn’t quite do it for you, Dino Crisis may. Give it a go. It’s only $3.00 on PSN until August 5th.

That’s it for this week. I apologies for the brevity of this week and urge everyone to give Dino Crisis a Try. It’s really got quite a creepy atmosphere. Highly Recommended.

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