Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Changes Its Art Style

So it is less than two months until Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 launches — it would be pretty weird to just change the art style right? Not for Robomodo and Disruptive Games. Today they have released some screenshots that show off the new art style. It would appear that they have gone with a Cel-shaded look, in order to try to hide the original game’s poor graphical fidelity. The original art style was met with a lot of negativity, with the gaming community commenting on how outdated the graphics were.

Here is how the game originally looked:


This is how the game looks now:


Let’s  look at those hands a little bit closer:



Those hands just look wrong; from a distance they almost look like burned fish fingers. It actually manages to look worse than some of the other very notable Cel-shaded titles, Jet Set Radio being the most obvious. I can’t help but feel a change this big so late into the development period can’t be good, but I suppose we will find out upon the game’s release on September 29th. The game will release on both XBox One and PlayStation 4, although from looking at the screenshots it wouldn’t be hard to mistake it for a last-gen title.

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