Gaming on a Budget: 8/20/2015 Edition

This week on Gaming on a Budget, the main focus is PC, and why not? We often neglect the glorious PC master race in favour of sales on PSN, or Xbox Live. Time to even the score slightly.


This first game is one that’s well known in the indie scene. Hot off the success of Bastion came a game featuring a fiery redhead who has had her voice stolen, Transistor. The songstress extracts a sword nearly two times her size from a man’s chest though the question remains. Is that man dead or not? The answers to this question and more await you in Transistor. It seamlessly blends real-time combat and roleplaying elements while utilizing something akin to the Final Fantasy ATB gauge. Make no mistake about it, folks. Transistor is a unique title that draws you into the world of Cloudbank and holds on tight. The sophomore effort from SuperGiant Games features a  gorgeous original soundtrack paired with hauntingly beautiful visuals. It is definitely worth a look. is having a sale right now that ends today. Transistor is only $8.29 and DRM free so grab it fast!

Row third

Saints Row has always been about the fun. The series has always thrown the hard knocks gritty realism of the Grand Theft Auto series to the side in favour of zany and unique gameplay scenarios. Saints Row: The Third is no exception. Players take on the role of the psychopathic boss once more in a world where the Saints are now celebrities despite the crimes they commit. All the limelight left them a bit naive, though, as one wrong decision leads to utter chaos. Robbing the bank of a well-known crime syndicate possibly wasn’t the brightest of ideas. Now the Saints are trapped in Steelport, their finance and assets frozen, being left to fend for themselves. Luckily as the Boss, you are very resourceful. Gun down gang member after gang member as you make your way back to the top and ultimately wipe out the syndicate that has made your life hell. GoG currently has Saints Row: The Third on sale that ends today. It’s currently only $4.99 and contains all the DLC. You can’t go wrong!


Generally we avoid recommending early access titles, as you never know what you’re getting. It’s often you’re paying for a promise and nothing more; however, Darkest Dungeon is different. There is plenty of content, and the game will destroy you over and over. You must build up your caravan and fill it with adventurers eager to meet their doom. This game is a brutal dungeon crawler. If you lose a party member, they’re gone for good and you must hire a replacement. You’ll need to keep everyone healthy and in fighting shape. This is easier said than done, but if you like impossibly difficult turn based dungeon crawlers, Darkest Dungeon is definitely worth a look. Steam currently has it on sale until the end of August 21 for just $13.39. Pretty costly, but undoubtedly a fun and challenging title.

Budget Shadowgrounds title

Shadowgrounds is on sale again, and again I’m recommending it. It’s a little-known title that had a good story and rather addictive gameplay. A top down shooter that was rather unique, the game didn’t hold your hand and sought to challenge you at every turn. Armed with a variety of different weapons you will mow down all sorts of nasty creatures hell-bent on your destruction. Called out to a nearby colony, as an organisation engineer you must piece together the facility, get the power back on and most of all, survive. Featuring various different levels, a creepy atmosphere and some brutal gameplay, Shadowgrounds is worth grabbing off Steam for just $1.04. This sale ends until September 1st.

That’s it for this week. Please do check out Shadowgrounds if you’ve not already grabbed it. It’s dirt cheap and can be quite rewarding for top down shooter aficionados. Thanks for reading!

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