Yo-Kai Watch: The Japanese Phenomenon, Launches on Nov. 6

Yo-Kai Watch, the roleplaying series developed by Japanese indie game maker LEVEL-5, will soon arrive to North America. Known by fans for titles like Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest VIII, and Professor Layton, the Fukuoka-based company is collaborating with the likes of Disney, VIZ Media, Nintendo, and Hasbro to bring their latest mega-hit to the United States.

Yo-Kai are invisible, ghost-like pranksters often blamed for children’s mishaps such as running late or forgetting homework. But with the help of a special watch, you can capture and befriend Yo-Kai, and train them to battle other Yo-Kai. Gameplay will focus on using the special watch to find and train Yo-Kai in order to help the town of Springdale.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Yo-Kai Watch’s American launch is the coordinated approach. “The strength of the Yo-kai franchise demands strong partners,” says Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s Executive VP of Sales & Marketing. “Our Nintendo 3DS is the perfect platform to bring this fun, one-of-a-kind video game experience to life.”

Yo-Kai Watch’s release will take a multimedia approach in America as it did in Japan, with Disney debuting an animated comedy series debuting, Hasbro coming out with a line of toys and games, and the launch of Yo-Kai Watch manga on VIZ Media November 3.

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