League of Legends World Championship: Day Two

After day one I was fully ready for another day of top class league, and day two did not disappoint. There were upsets and great moments, individual performances and great team plays. Here is the APG Nation round up of the second day of the League of Legends world finals.


KT Rolster vs Team Solo Mid (Winner KT Rolster)


The first game of day two kicked off with the belle boys of America, TSM, being soundly beaten by Rolster. TSM only managed three kills in their 40 minute game, looking a little out of their depth against a much stronger side. The team compilation on the side of TSM never really got going, and with champions that needed to hit late game and get some items they were never in areal position to win. KT Rolster, on the other hand, performed exceptionally and will be hoping to carry on to the next round with games as simple as that one.


LDG Gaming vs Origen (Winner Origen)

Origen seem to have used their home advantage to topple a team that were expected to beat them soundly. The best performance in the game was by far xPeke, the veteran midlaner for Origen, who put in a fantastic shift to win the game. Origen continued a very good run of results for the western teams, showing that the eastern sides are by no means in another league to the nations closer to home. However, Imp acquited himself will for LDG and they are by no means out of the competition after that loss.



Bangkok Titans vs SKT (Winner SKT)


This game was quite simple and almost a foregone conclusion. SKT were always the favourite and showed why that was the case. The Titans were just outplayed in all positions and it just showed the different levels of class there are at worlds. While many teams have outperformed expectations, the Bangkok Titans are unlikely to qualify if they continue playing as they are, even if G4 pulls out all the stops to carry his team like he did in the normal season.


H2K vs EDward Gaming (Winner EDward Gaming)


If all games started like this one I would be satisfied. Eight flashes burned and a full team fight all before minions spawned set up for an exciting game, with both teams trading blows and skirmishing all over the map. In the end EDward gaming just had a little more class and started the inevitable snowball to victory, making the game look worse for H2K than it actually was. Obviously it’ll be hard for H2K to qualify but they are not out of the running just yet.


Flash Wolves vs Koo Tigers (Winner Flash Wolves)


This game surprised a lot of people, me included, who expected Koo Tigers to win. The Flash Wolves were seen as underdogs by most viewers, especially after their defeat to CLG on day one, but they managed to pull the game out of the bag. Maple, midlaner for the Flash Wolves, was impressive on Gangplank while the rest of his team put in similarly strong performances. The pressure is now on for Koo Tigers to topple CLG and put themselves back in the running for qualification.


CLG vs Pain Gaming (Winner CLG)


Possibly the best moment of the tournament so far was in this game. After CLG had closed out the game, killing much of Pain Gaming and pressing in on the nexus, the whole team used their team emote at the exact same moment. Beside that it was very much a one sided game, with CLG playing by the numbers and Doublelift putting in a superb shift, going 10/0/10. CLG are undefeated and will be hoping to use their momentum to cement their place at the top of the group.


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