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Welcome to Cool Games I Dun Played on, once a week I will show you some of the neat things I manage to find on I’ll also show you the not so cool stuff so that you can avoid it. is essentially the Sunday morning car boot sale of game distribution, there are all kinds of weird and wonderful independently developed games to find there. Let’s get stuck in.

Slipstream Demo

Slipstream is a 2D racer where you must zip along beautifully designed landscapes to reach the next checkpoint. It is a concept that is fully aware of its influences, pulling no punches in its attempt to mime them. Think about the likes of Outrun along with other driving arcade classic, mixed with the well-drawn pixelated scenery.  Slipstream pushes you to drift around a corner, rather than take them like you would in any other traditional racing game, once you figure out the trick to doing it, you’ll be drifting around corners at veracious speeds – zipping in and out of traffic like a madman. - Slipstream

The demo is a little short on content, but the full game will feature four different game modes, thirty different tracks as well as eight original songs. I am currently enjoying my time with Slipstream and have played it a lot more than I have any other demos in recent memory.

Slipstream Kickstarter


Loss of Fluid

Loss of Fluid initially sounded much dirtier in my head than it should, but after realizing the game is built around a helicopter losing its fuel, I felt rather silly. It’s one of those games where you have to balance a vehicle as it travels, trying not to let it explode on the floor. I found the game annoying at first, but once you get past the difficulty of the controls, it is relatively straightforward. The game is pretty straightforward, with no accompanying soundtrack and minimalistic sound effects to help drive home the action. It honestly reminds me of the flash games I played as a teenager, during the time I should have spent doing school work. Sometimes this kind of simplicity is nice, but only for short sessions of playing. - Loss of Fluid

I also have to say that the graphics are pretty bland. The color range stems from light brown to slightly darker brown. I had to turn it off after a while as it was just giving me a headache… Good luck.

Loss of Fluid 

New Years 7016

I’m not even sure where to start with this “game”, the developers description reads “A short digital/live performance to bring in the new year” It’s a walking simulator, that horrible buzzword that swathes of people loath.  The game lets the player walk around some weird restaurant that is floating in space next to a planet. There are strange little flames dotted around, and I assume these are supposed to represent people. As you walk about someone totters around on a keyboard, playing a song of some kind. The music is probably the most annoying part if I am honest. - New Year 2017

While this game is supposed to be a unique New Years Eve celebration, the only way you could even get anywhere near this kind of evening is if you took several hits of acid and a knock on the head. Not worth downloading, just carry on playing Slipstream.

New Years 7016

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