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As a team here at APGNation’s eSports division we always love the off season with all it’s roster changes and excitement, sometimes even more so than the season itself, but we also know it can be hard to keep track of who’s going where and who everyone is. That’s why we’ve been working hard to bring you team profiles that can help you keep up to date and in the know. In this profile Ellen Chou  take a look at a returning North American LCS team, Echo Fox.


From a challenger to pro player, Jeong-Hun ‘kfo’ Park makes his way out of solo queue challenger and into the arms of his first competitive team, Echo Fox. Despite never making it as far as he has now, he has proven himself as a formidable opponent in the top lane to the point where teams ban out his Kayle even though it is no longer a meta ban. While only able to exhibit half of his play during the last split kfo is looking to display the hard work he has put into the team. Although he faces many obstacles such as language barriers and inexperience on the big stage, the enemy team would make a grave mistake by underrating his potential and ability to dominate his lane.


Anthony “Hard” Barkhovtsev has done his part for the NA Challenger scene but has now been picked up by Rick Fox’s Echo Fox as their starting jungler. Although the first half of the Spring split was a struggle for him and the team, with Echo Fox slipping to a series of weak performances, he was easily able to perform well playing with the official roster. After surviving substitutes and avoiding relegations, Hard is steadily growing as a player as well as helping his team work up to the ranks at which they are expected to play. With substantial preparation coming for the Summer split, the Echo Fox team will be at their best for the upcoming season.


Yuri “Keith” Jew has been part of the LCS before, such as having his time with Team Liquid and Team SoloMid, but then returned to the Challenger scene. However, for the new year, he has been acquired by Echo Fox as their starting AD Carry. Even with the struggles the team had to endure for the first half of the season, Keith was still capable of carrying his team to the much-needed victories that kept them alive. Now that he has his full team and time to recoup, Keith will endeavour to ensure that Echo Fox will be more than just a low place team.



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Probably more familiar by the name “Baby” on Team Dragon Knights, but now Terry “Big” Chuong is looking to be a great support for his new team, Echo Fox. After starting off the season halfway with his main roster, Big has shown to be a big name for his team. By breaking the sound barrier and saving the Lucian, this team player has what it takes to help his team to win each game. With the upcoming 2016 Summer split, he has already made it big; the only thing left to do is to bring his team to be the best.

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