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March 3, 2016

Mass Effect Andromeda Artist Reveals Pathfinder Model

Yesterday Eurogamer reported that Bioware senior character artist Furio Tedeschi posted a picture of the new armour for Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s lead character the Pathfinder. The high-resolution image shows the male character model, including the iconic N7 logos and a very Mass Effect-esque silhouette. The post on Zbrush Central read “our Pathfinder character model at Bioware Montreal…. for Mass Effect Andromeda – Modeled By Herbert Lowis [another Bioware artist]” It is an absolute treat for Mass Effect fans, who have been starved for details until now.

Anyway, the images below are from his forum post. However, you can see more of the model, [...]

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February 10, 2016

Unravel EA Access Trial First Impression

Unravel by Coldwood Interactive was a huge surprise for me. While the hype was certainly a contributing factor, what grabbed me and led me to download the EA Access 10 hour trial was the simplistic beauty I had seen in gameplay trailers. If you take one thing away from this first impression, let it be that this game is gorgeous. Strangely, I found myself absorbed by Unravel to a similar degree as full priced triple-A titles, despite stylized sidescrollers being one of my least played genres.

For the trial (and I imagine the full version of the game), you start out watching an extended version of the story trailer cutscene before being introduced to Yarny, an adorable [...]

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January 3, 2016

Is it Time For The Return of Fight Night?

For those who are into sports that involve punching people in the face, this past weekend was brilliant. We had the climactic UFC 194, in which Connor McGregor beat Jose Aldo in a record breaking 13 seconds. Over in my homeland of England, we had a great weekend of Boxing, with two different British Champions winning.  It is a brilliant era for contact sports, with stars like Connor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Floyd Mayweather and Tyson Fury dominating headlines and popular culture. It is no surprise that the UFC games are incredibly popular, with UFC 2 set to release early next year. I’ve spent quite a lot of time playing UFC recently, and it got me wondering, where is Fight [...]

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October 30, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront Beta First Impressions

To say I was keen on playing the Star Wars Battlefront Beta would be an understatement, I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan since I was a kid. I had it forced upon me as a child and then went on to grow a greater appreciation of it during my mid to late teens.  I’ve played countless game tie-ins with KOTOR being my favourite and the original Battlefront games coming in a close second. I approached the beta with a lot of scepticism,  the same scepticism I am holding for The Force Awakens when it releases later in the year. For the most part, my cynicism was unneeded as the Battlefront Beta is awesome, but it isn’t without its problems.

The first thing that [...]

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June 15, 2015

E3 2015: Need for Speed Gameplay Revealed

New information has been revealed for Need for Speed at EA’s press conference at E3 2015, including a finalized release date of November 3, 2015.

Ghost Games has revealed more details behind the upcoming installment in the Need for Speed franchise. The game will be set in an open world that will apparently be twice as large as the one from Need for Speed Rivals. Much of the world will reportedly be in an urban setting, with some of the routes leading to more mountainous roads with less contact to human civilization.

In addition, EA has shown off pre-Alpha footage of the game. A major update to the graphics engine and to the design complements the customization [...]

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April 22, 2015

EA Releases Star Wars Battlefront Developer Diary #1

EA published the first of four developer diaries on GAME’s Youtube channel yesterday, giving a brief look at the development of the recently announced Star Wars Battlefront title.

Developers reveal in the video that the use of sound effects from the original films, thanks to their partnership with Lucasfilm, adds a level of authenticity to the game that is unprecedented. DICE  has access to all the original materials and sets from the original films as well as the environments used to shoot the original trilogy. The developers claim that this will allow them to bring an unprecedented amount of detail to the game, from the design of storm trooper armor to the vehicles [...]

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April 21, 2015

EA Sports Launches UFC For Mobile and Tablets

Today EA Sports announced that the mobile version of their popular UFC fighting game franchise would be available to download for free from both the App Store and Google Play Store. The game was developed in conjunction with EA Canada, the developers of the console version of the game, and features highly-detailed HD graphics. Players will also find that the mobile edition of UFC does not feature the usual time restriction model used in many mobile games, and thus will let them fight it out with over 70 of the greats of the sport as often as they wish, as they climb their way to the top of the UFC ranking. In addition, there will also be live events that allow mobile UFC players to [...]

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April 17, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront Returns This November

Star Wars Battlefront has received a release date as of today. For those excited Star Wars fans, the new Battlefront title will be launching on November 17.

Lucasfilm and EA have announced the release date for Star Wars Battlefront. The news, broken via press release, informed fans that Battlefront will start rolling out with November 17 being the North American and November 19 being the European release. The first full-length trailer for this anticipated title was premiered to fans at the Star Wars Celebration. The celebration was a convention for fans of the Star Wars series to get together and see behind the scenes of the films, learn more about the franchise and dress up [...]

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April 16, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Soon

The new second trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film released this morning, showcasing some of the new characters and teasing some possible plot elements for the upcoming titles. Long time gamers and Star Wars fans are also treated at the end of the trailer to a link of a countdown for the new Star Wars Battlefront title, due to be released tomorrow April 17th at 10:30 AM PT (1:30 EST).

The previous title in the series, Star Wars Battlefront II was released on October 31st, 2005 and featured class based infantry and vehicle combat across the many worlds of the Star Wars universe. The series is well-loved by fans, allowing gamers to take on the roles of the various [...]

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February 18, 2015

Battlefield: Hardline Honors Fans With Special Content

EA will be honoring Battlefield series’ long-time fans with a special bundle to coincide with the release of Battlefield: Hardline. This Veteran’s package will contain a special badge to show off on your profile, one 200% Objective Boost, (30 minute duration) and one 200% Teamplay Boost (30 minutes duration). To claim this reward, you must own or buy and register a copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, or Battlefield 4. Log in to Battlefield: Hardline and your reward will be waiting for you.

Battlefield: Hardline drops players into the middle of an intense conflict between police officers and dangerous criminals.  Hardline contains both a [...]

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