Ethics Policy

Ethics Policy

This is APGNation’s Ethics Policy for compliance with journalistic ethics and maintaining integrity for our readers. We have written this policy and will continually update it to clarify the purpose of this site: to provide a comprehensive perspective on topics related to the gaming industry and community. Any professional or personal interests that may conflict with this purpose may compromise the credibility of this site. For this reason, the Site will outline its standards and procedures for transparency, and will enforce the ethics policy on all members of staff and guest writers to ensure a standard of professionalism for the sake of its readers.

Gathering Information for News Articles, Opinions, Editorials, and Op-Eds

APGNation’s writers adhere to a strict standard of obtaining source information for news articles and opinions. Articles that contain one or more sources will be cited either by directly linking the source via embedded hyperlink, or listing the source at the end of the article. Writers may also take screenshots of posts in-question if a particular topic requires such for clarification. Writers are encouraged to use multiple independent sources when available, and to refrain from making forward-looking statements when reporting on current events. In the instance of a published Opinion, Editorial, or Op-Ed article, staff members will explicitly identify these as the opinions of the author and not those of the Site.

Receiving Promotional Material and Content to be Reviewed

APGNation accepts material from developers and publishers for reasons pertaining to: product previews, product reviews, and product editorials. APGNation may also request material from developers and publishers for the aforementioned reasons. The materials requested or accepted will only be used explicitly for these reasons, and will be enforced by members of staff for compliance. APGNation will not accept promotional material with the exception of providing a contest or giveaway for its readers — the rules and regulations of the contest or giveaway should be discussed at length and agreed upon by APGNation and the company providing the promotional material. To coordinate a contest or giveaway, please contact APGNation at for details.

Maintaining Professional Relationships with Developers, Publishers, Vendors, and Editorial Staff

APGNation will maintain professional relationships with its staff members, guest writers, and other figures in the industry and community. If a member of staff begins a relationship with an industry member that does not fall under a professional or platonic relationship, staff member must disclose this information to the Editorial Board immediately to prevent any potential personal conflict of interests. This includes relationships with figures who have been previously received coverage from APGNation, as well as relationships with figures who may be receive coverage in the foreseeable future from APGNation.

Inquiries regarding our professionalism can be forwarded to for details.

Maintaining Professionalism on Social Networks, Blog Commenting Hosting Services, and Traditional Networks

APGNation uses social networks and blog commenting hosting services to disseminate information to current readers and potential readers via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Disqus, and other outlets. The official APGNation Twitter account, @APGNation, will only be used to retweet links, accept follower requests, and follow-back for the purpose of maintaining professional social network relationships. APGNation does not necessarily endorse the opinions of its followers or the accounts it follows. APGNation uses specific hashtags as a tool of reference for its posts, and does not necessarily endorse any political beliefs related to the use of said hashtags.

Staff of APGNation are encouraged to communicate with readers and industry members via social networks to gain greater insight on issues that pertain to the industry and community, and to build rapport with readers and industry members. However, staff must also consider their respective roles in the industry and community, and are expected to maintain a level of professionalism in their day-to-day conduct. If a member of staff has been involved in an incident that might be deemed questionable by members of the community or industry (i.e. collusion, harassment, conflicts of interest), please request a formal inquiry of the staff member in question by presenting relevant documents (including screenshots, message logs, and e-mail chains) to .

In the event of an incident involving member(s) of staff, APGNation reserves the right to disclose the allegations to readers when deemed necessary. APGNation also reserves the right to disclose any non-personal relevant information to confirm or deny allegations, and will be the sole arbiter of any punishment deemed necessary unless the allegations are criminal in nature, at which point APGNation will transfer all documentation to law enforcement for arbitration.

Conflicts of Interest

As the Site’s directive is to provide comprehensive perspective on topics relevant to the gaming industry and community, staff members must uphold this directive to the best of their ability. This requires that staff members conduct all activity in the interest of maintaining APGNation’s standards of professionalism while also serving the best interests of the readers. Staff members are required to disclose to the Editorial Board any potential conflicts of interest (personal, financial, commercial, or otherwise) that will influence the publication of any product preview, review, or editorial content. If the conflict of interest is deemed minor by members of the Editorial Board, the article may be published with proper attention to the conflict of interest. Should the conflict of interest be deemed substantial, the Editorial Board may assign the topic to another staff member — if the conflict of interest substantially undermines the Site’s directive, the topic may be removed until the conflict of interest can be resolved.

In the incident where a staff member is found to have knowingly published an article without disclosing the conflict of interest, the Editorial Board reserves the right to make addendums subsequent to the article’s publication. The addendums may disclose the conflict of interest, and the staff member responsible will be punished accordingly. In particularly grievous instances that damage the Site’s reputation or undermine its directive, the published article may be removed entirely from the site.

Staff Participation Outside of APGNation

When participating in events or making appearances as representatives of APGNation, staff are expected to continue to represent APGNation in a professional manner to the best of their ability. On public appearances including interviews, podcasts, industry and community events, members of staff must present themselves professionally, refraining from making any statements that can be construed as prejudicial or overtly biased.

Members of staff are prohibited from accepting any gifts from developers, their representatives, or any third-party that might influence members of staff to cover a product, event, person, or company in a particular way. Members of staff are expected to use careful judgment in regards to these situations.

Should APGNation be requested to cover an event and cannot find reasonable travel and accommodations, staff members can request that travel expenses be reimbursed. However, travel expenses can only be reimbursed by the company requesting APGNation’s presence. Any events covered in this manner must disclose such travel expense reimbursement. If APGNation requests to cover an event, staff members must provide their own travel and accommodations.

Advertising and Affiliates

APGNation utilizes both display network advertisements and direct buy advertisements on our website as our source of revenue. APGNation will take all necessary measures to differentiate editorial content and advertising content to the best of our ability. Any opinions or viewpoints expressed by our advertisers are held solely by the advertising party, and are not shared by APGNation.

In the case of direct placement advertising partners, all relationships will be fully disclosed in the case of published Articles, News Content, Op-Ed pieces, and any other coverage published by APGNation. Any commentary and opinions expressed in regards to an advertiser’s content is explicitly those of our writers, and does not reflect the viewpoints of APGNation.

APGNation does allow advertisers to commission contests, community events, live streams and other forms of coverage. In the exceptional cases that advertisers are allowed, sponsorships will be fully disclosed. APGNation does not allow the commissioning of reviews, opinion pieces, or placement within any sort of guide or list by advertisers. These forms of content are solely created and published by APGNation, and are not influenced in any way by our advertisers or by any outside party.

APGNation retains the right to utilize affiliate marketing advertisements. In the instance of published content, affiliate links will be fully disclosed as such. Other affiliate advertisements may also appear in the form of banner ads, pop-ups, framed-in advertisements, etc. Any content published that contains affiliate links will be treated as any other form of advertising, and have no bearing on the content being published.

Any and all advertising/sponsorships on the APGNation Podcast or any live stream will be fully disclosed as such. All views and opinions regarding topics discussed in podcasts and live streams are those solely of the APGNation staff participating in said stream, podcast, etc., and do not reflect the opinions of APGNation.

Any associations between editors, individual writers, or other parties unknown by APGNation at the time of publishing will be disclosed once the relationship becomes known, and will be cause for review of any associated piece. APGNation reserves the right to pull any piece of content we find to be in violation of this policy. Any staff members found to be in breach of these rules may be subject to recourse, including, but not limited to termination and/or legal action should the situation warrant.

APGNation is committed to providing clear and relevant advertisements to our audience. For more information regarding APGNation’s advertising policy, or for any advertising inquiry, please contact