Magic The Gathering: Conspiracy Hits Shelves This Weekend

The special multiplayer Summer set for Magic the Gathering, known as “Conspiracy”, will be released tomorrow. The set is unique in that it is designed to be played as a draft, and it is also the first full set to be made with multiplayer specifically in mind.

Many of the cards in Conspiracy deal specifically with the drafting process, allowing players to tamper with the pool of cards they or their opponents will have access to. There will also be a special card slotted into what would normally be a basic land in each booster pack that will be a “conspiracy” card that allows players some minor bonuses in this format.


Other cards in the set are new keyword mechanics. “Will of the Council” is a keyword that lets the players in a game vote for one of the effects listed on the card. Some cards in the set also work off this mechanic by tampering with the voting in a number of ways.


“Dethrone” is another new mechanic to the set. This keyword rewards players for attacking the player with the most health by giving creatures with the ability a +1/+1 counter every time they attack that player.


“Parley” allows a player to gain potential advantage at the cost of letting all the other players in the group draw a card.


The new card type called Conspiracy works much like enchantments. The cards are either hidden or shown at the start of the game, depending on if they have the “Hidden Agenda” keyword, and are put into play for free, giving the player small bonuses.


As is common for the Summer special, many fan favorite and powerful cards are getting reprints in Conspiracy as well. Cards such as Stiffe, Reya Dawnbringer, Brainstorm, Fact or Fiction, Squirrel Nest, and many other popular and powerful cards will be returning to print this weekend. Conspiracy will have 210 cards in the set with sixty-five new cards being added to this set, and of those only thirteen will not be legal in Vintage and Legacy play.


This set won’t be on shelves long, so if you are into drafting or just want to get your hands on some powerful reprints, go grab yourself some packs this weekend. Or better yet, split a box with some friends and have your own draft and let the conspiracies begin!

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