Lead Your Starfleet To Glory In Spacecom

Simple, yet awesome. Those were the words that I kept thinking when I watched Spacecom’s trailer. As described by the devs, Spacecom is a “strategic-to-the-bone starfleet-command game with a heavy focus on multiplayer. Using three types of fleets (siege, invade, battle) and four types of planetary systems (hubs, shipyards, repairyards and supply systems) command your armies to dominate in the galaxy. Capture enemy hubs using proven maneuvers learned from military legends (blitzkrieg, burnt-ground, cut supply lines, outflanking) or devise your own plans. Smart thinking is encouraged over fast clicking in galaxies with up to six players.”


Spacecom is being developed by Flow Combine, with Marek Ziemak (former gameplay producer for The Witcher) as Senior Producer. Spacecom is a deep strategy game that focuses on multiplayer, but you could still play single-player with bots. You can play with up to 5 players in one campaign and you can use military strategic moves like blitzkrieg, outflanking, and burnt-ground to outsmart your opponents and defeat them..

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Spacecom is developed by Flow Combine and published by 11-bit launchpad and will be released on Steam in the second half of 2014 for Windows, Mac, and Linux and bobile devices like iOS and Android.

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