Take A Look At The New Guinness World Record Book For Gamers

Every year Guinness, everyone’s favorite purveyor of booze turned chronicler of world records, puts out a special volume devoted to recognizing the best and brightest in the world of gaming. This year, the book is filled to the brim with more records then ever before, and a few special sections especially for gamers and their ilk. Now, if you shall, then lets take a look inside the book and find out what awaits us when the book arrives in stores on November 6th.

  • HUNDREDS OF NEW AND UPDATED RECORDS As ever, the world’s best-selling gaming annual features the world’s greatest gaming records. These include the Longest videogame marathon on Minecraft (24 hours 10 minutes), the Largest collection of Tomb Raider memorabilia (2,383 unique items), the Highest margin of victory against the computer on 2014 FIFA World Cup (German native Patrick Hadler won 321–0), the Most “Game of the Year” awards (249 for The Last of Us), and the Best-selling eighth-generation console (the PS4, with over 10 million copies sold).
  • TOP 50 GAMES – In this year’s Gamer’s Edition, we present the best 50 games as voted for online by our readers. By giving Gamer’s fans the opportunity to have their say, this allowed us to focus on the titles our readers like best (such as Minecraft, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto), as well as to include games such as Crash Bandicoot and World of Tanks that we had not featured in such detail previously.
  • IMPROVE YOUR GAMEPLAY AND BECOME A RECORD-BREAKER – We know that gamers worldwide are always looking to enhance certain aspects of their gameplay. This can take hours of studying YouTube walkthroughs or scrolling through online tutorials. A new addition to this year’s book is entitled “For the Win” and provides handy, at-a-glance top tips on everything from how to beat that boss you’ve spent weeks trying to defeat to how to unlock the trophy you’ve been striving for. This will help you to not only hone your skills, but also to potentially become a record-breaker!
  • FEATURES, KNOWLEDGE, TRIVIA – This year’s book is packed full of new features covering topics as diverse as the toys-to-life phenomena, gaming firsts, zombie games, Alien games videogame fashion and the big titles you’ll likely be playing over the coming months. We also look at the transformation of handheld gaming from Mattel’s Auto Race in 1976 to the innovative mobile gaming scene of today. Exclusive interviews with a range of industry insiders provide you with a range of perspectives on the gaming world from within. And there’s no shortage of entertaining gaming trivia to build up your gaming knowledge.

Impressive! But don’t take my word for it, hear is what the good people at Guinness had to say about their newest tome: “In the all-new Gamer’s 2015 we count down our readers’ favourite games. We cram in facts, figures and features on all aspects of gaming, along with exclusive interviews with leading figures in the industry. We also follow the latest developments in the epic battle of the eighth-generation consoles. And, as always, there are top tips for improving your gameplay. Now in its eighth edition, Gamer’s remains the ultimate videogame guide.” Said Stephen Fall, senior managing editor.

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