New MMO Crowfall Half Funded within 24 Hours

Crowfall. A brand new massively multiplayer role-playing PC game has accrued more than 50% of its goal in just ten hours.

The announcement made by press release and via the game’s Kickstarter page  on February 25. The Kickstarter began in the morning at 7am central standard time and within just ten hours time the page had $400,000—50% of its stated goal. The post—made by J. Todd Coleman, expressed incredulity at how much the community has confidence in their project, Crowfall. The message gave a strong thanks from everyone at Artcraft and expressed elation to be given the chance to challenge the MMO market.


Crowfall is a collaboration by two game development veterans. Gordon Waltman—known for his work on Ultima Online, Star Wars: Galaxies and The Sims Online has teamed up with J. Todd Coleman of Shadowbane, Wizard101 and Pirate101 repute. Together they’re aiming to create an “MMO” in synergy with large-scale strategy games. Referring to it as a “Throne War Simulator”, they want the players to control and shape the world.

The idea of the game is to have player characters be persistent while everything around them changes. This will be done through the “Campaign worlds”. Each Campaign world will be a server unto itself. It will only exist for a limited amount of time—roughly one to three months, or in the case that the campaign is finished and certain conditions are met. The world will be altered during this time, with each Campaign having the four season. Depending on the season, the world grows more dangerous, systematically consumed by the “Hunger”—throngs of undead legion. Once Winter hits, it’s over. A victor is chosen, and then that world ceases to exist. You keep your characters and whatever you acquired from that world to be used in the Eternal Kingdoms to prepare and formulate strategies for the campaign.

The Eternal Kingdoms are worlds that have no resources. Any you need must be taken from the campaign worlds or team up with other alliances to share resources. Players can divide up their domains, granting land to other players, deciding to rule with a cast iron fist or to be a gentle benevolent ruler loved by their people

The entire world will be destructible—harnessing VoxelFarm technology to generate a limitless supply of worlds to mine, build, conquer or destroy. The campaign maps are automated. No two campaigns will be the same, as the mountains, building, rivers and so on are procedurally generated. Each campaign starts off with a fog of war preventing your vision and requiring you to explore and traverse the world. There are deadly monsters, other players, weapons to craft, scavenge, alliances to forge and enemies to conquer.

There’s character customization, different races, in-depth combat, an in-game economy as well as rule sets that will constantly change and shift during campaigns. It’s clear from the get-go that these developers are onto something unique within the genre of MMO’s. If you wish to read a more in-depth system synopsis, or donate to their Kickstarter to help the game reach its goal of $800,00 you can visit their Kickstarter page.

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