Game Devs Give Away Epsilon, Game Press Ignores Announcement

On Thursday afternoon, game developers Serellan tweeted that any Kickstarter backers for their previous game – Takedown – would be receiving their upcoming game – Epsilon – for free.


Fans of Takedown and the studio in general were thrilled with the announcement, though the gaming press were conspicuously silent on the matter. Only after viewing Creative Director Christian Allen’s tweet on the subject was the matter brought to my attention.


So far, speculation has suggested that the announcement was ignored due to Allen’s interaction with GamerGate, though the merits of that theory can’t conclusively be proven. If it does happen to be true, it’s a sad sign of the way that those in the industry are handling interactions with those they don’t agree with. Secondary speculation suggests it could be due to the way Takedown was received critically, but I’ve personally seen far worse-scoring games in the spotlight for much less exciting reasons.

Regardless of the drama, the announcement is a fantastic show of support for the studio’s fans. It was met with surprise and delight on the game’s forums, and I for one can’t wait to see how the story progresses as this news spreads.


If you’d like to learn more about Serellan, you can visit their page here, view their forums here, or check out their previously released title Takedown on Steam. To keep up with this announcement, be sure to follow Christian on Twitter at @Serellan.

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