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Armstrong Steel Explains Why Steel Buildings are the Best Fit for Marijuana Grow Businesses

Companies that grow marijuana always have to remain mindful that they are protecting their product in an environment that is both climate controlled and promotes growth. As Armstrong Steel explains, the best types of buildings to do this in are ones made of steel.

Steel buildings aren’t combustible, are resistant to the weather, and are durable — all of which helps businesses in the marijuana growing industry protect their inventory.

Here are some more reasons why steel buildings are the best fit for marijuana grow businesses.


Marijuana growers have a lot of valuable product inside their buildings at all times. Unlike inventory for many other companies, their inventory is very susceptible to even the slightest changes in environment.

As such, marijuana growers should always choose an exceptionally durable building type. Even a small crack in a wall or window can allow enough air to seep in to destroy an entire warehouse full of product.

Steel buildings are extremely durable and will always help keep the elements out.


The cannabis industry is exploding, and businesses in the industry constantly have to adjust to new advances. Many of these companies experience massive growth in a relatively short period of time, meaning they need to remain nimble and have plenty of flexibility in space.

Steel buildings provide the ideal space for potential expansion. It’s very easy to add on to already-existing steel buildings without compromising the structure that’s already there or the one that’s about to be constructed.


Unfortunately, marijuana growers are often the target of crime. Bad actors may try to break into warehouse facilities to steal their product, which is extremely valuable.

A steel building adds an extra layer of security to protect the product inside. In addition to being extremely durable and tough to penetrate, growers can easily add cameras, alarm systems, and doors that only operate with keypads, codes, and/or badges.


Marijuana growing businesses are very complex. In addition to the agricultural aspect of growing, there are often needs for packaging and shipping, inventory management and processing, back-office operations and sales, and even a retail shop.

One thing that steel buildings provide is a very versatile facility for marijuana growers. As Armstrong Steel explains, these buildings can easily be zoned for different uses without any worry about whether the different zones will compromise the product.

The growing business can set up easy ways to pass from one zone to the next and set up specific permissions on key codes and badges so only the appropriate employees have access to the parts of the building they should.

It’s challenging to do something like this with other buildings, such as greenhouses.

Steel buildings ultimately allow marijuana growers to put all aspects of their business in one location rather than spread different departments across different locations. This helps these companies operate more effectively, efficiently, and, as a result, at a higher profit.

About Armstrong Steel

As a leading manufacturer of prefabricated and pre-engineered metal buildings, Armstrong Steel Buildings takes pride in delivering high-quality steel buildings across North America. Armstrong Steel Buildings has been delivering high-quality steel buildings for nearly twenty years and provides structures to residential, commercial, agricultural, government, and military agencies.

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Sophia Masters
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